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How to Toss The Dough

One of the things we hear a lot is that our customers have tried making pizza at home but, have trouble getting the dough to come out round and consistent. The first thing you need it good pizza dough, if you have a mixer, you can use make your dough at home. If you want to buy dough, go to your favorite pizzeria and humbly ask to buy some of their delicious dough, that is what we used to do back in college.

Have no fear, stretching pizza dough just takes practice, you probably won’t get it right on the first try, don’t give up! We worked with one of our friend Andy and helped him make his own pizza, check out the video from 2019.

Stretching the pizza dough is all about confidence, if you’ve ever seen a child as they learn to stand up and walk, you’ll learn that it takes many tries to get it right. Once you learn the skills of making pizza, you’ll be a hit at your next pizza party!

Pacific Pizza founder Sean back in college days

If you want us to show you how to toss the pizza dough, invite some friends and we’ll make a party out of it!