Sean Durkin

Owner/Founder – Pacific Pizza

Sean is an SDSU alumnus, Navy veteran, and pizza connoisseur. Sean has been slinging pizzas from his homemade, wood burning oven around San Diego and surrounding neighborhoods for several years. When not cooking pies, Sean can be found most mornings rowing in Mission Bay. Read his story below:

Veteran Owned

I started Eagle River Pizza in Vail, Colorado, but then decided that the pizza business would be better in San Diego along with my tan, so I made the move and started Pacific Pizza.  My friends and I have been fortunate enough to join hundreds of parties ranging from weddings, birthdays, graduations and many other celebrations.

You and your guests will enjoy gourmet pizza from our mobile wood-fired oven.  Our oven heats to over 800 degrees and can cook your pizzas in less than three minutes!  We can handle large gatherings as well as small intimate events. Let us bring the pizza party to your house, business, school, church, fundraiser or any other event.


Sean Durkin

Owner, Pacific Pizza

Welcome to Pacific Pizza!

After college, I was living in a small beach front apartment in San Diego.  I figured that like me, my fellow recent college graduates were not looking forward to going back to their respective cubicles on Monday.  We decided to enjoy a pizza night on Sunday and extend the weekend.  I told my friends that I had dough and beer for everyone and that they should invite interesting friends and join the fun with toppings to make their favorite pizzas.  My roommate had a lot of international friends and each week new and old friends showed up to make some unique pizzas. I remember many amazingly fun evenings with friends gathered around making pizza and enjoying each other’s company.


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