You need to know a great tailor and dry cleaner!

If you are getting married or attending a special occasion, you’ll want to have a skilled and dependable tailor for your wedding dress, suit, shirts and pants. We’ve been going to Melody Nguyen at Pacific Tailor in Pacific Beach for years. Melody is always friendly and has the skills to make your clothes fit right.

Pacific Tailor is inside Joymax Cleaners.We’ve had some red wine stains, dirty collars and ketchup stains and amazingly, John and his team at Joymax Cleaners use natural cleaning agents and are always are able to get our stains to magically disappear, thank you!

Melody Nguyen has worked as a professional tailor most of her life. She learned from her father, who was a master tailor in Vietnam. When Melody moved to San Diego, she worked for 20 years alongside Tony Felice, the Italian Master tailor in La Jolla. Melody opened her own shop in Pacific Beach 2006 years ago and has a second location in Rancho Santa Fe. Pacific Tailor specializes in making you look great in your wedding gowns, tuxedos and suits.

Pacific Tailor


(858) 274-8809

Learn to Make Fresh Pasta

Have you ever thought of making your own fresh pasta? Past Bella in Point Loma, California specializes in teaching intimate workshops at the popular Wine Pub.

Pasta Bella Founder Melissa Stoltz has been a pasta chef for many years and now shares her unique knowledge at her weekly classes. Check out this video to see the classes in action.

Organic Pasta

Workshops begin by making dough from scratch in order to familiarize students with how pasta should “feel”. Students then move on to the rolling part of the workshop, accompanied by using a variety of pasta making tools and accessories. Each workshops last about 2.5 hours and comfortable attire is recommended. After your pasta has been made, the group gathers at a community table to enjoy a light pasta dinner accompanied by salad to enjoy a meal with new friends. After the meal, you pack up your pasta to go, along with recipe cards and cooking and storing instructions.

Take a look at the workshop schedule here, you can even book online!

Unique Wedding Greetings

Are you looking for a special way for your wedding or birthday guests to engage with each other, in a fun way and create special artwork?

We had the opportunity to meet owner Hillery Kemp from SendFrom; she started a business that uses recycled material to create custom greetings made by you!

We find that party guests are looking for ways to create unique gifts and get to know other guests. With SendFrom, your guests will have fun engaging with each other and making art that is special and easy.

Contact Hillery Kemp for more information on how to get started.

Vodka Martini….shaken, not stirred

It’s holiday party season here in San Diego and wow, there are a lot of events!  We have had some great fun serving pizza at weddings, corporate events and more in the month of December.  Who serves all the drinks?


We are happy to have worked with Carrie and her team from The Travelling Tavern and they are great!  Carrie and her team ensure you can enjoy your party and have a responsible team who will keep the drinks flowing and do all the setup and cleanup for you.

The Travelling Tavern has their own portable bar or, the can use the one at your rental facility or home.  When it’s time to wind the evening down, they can help you get things closed down so you can focus on your guests and enjoying the evening.

For more information, contact Carrie at (619) 602-2100 or

DJ Party Music

So you are throwing a party!  Well, you are going to need music, not just any music but a professional who can work with you to create the right music vibe.   We’ve catered many parties including weddings, birthday parties, work events and many more.

Can you just use a playlist from your phone?  You could…. but we’ve seen that this doesn’t work so well when there are connection problems, event timing adjustments and requests.  It’s fun to relax and enjoy your party and let the music flow!

We met Brian Bowman AKA DJ Bumps at a big birthday party earlier this summer, he created a great vibe an the music he played was fantastic.  We’ve heard DJ Bumps at other events and he’s a professional and clearly is able to feel the pulse of the party and respond accordingly.

Just like catering, you need to talk with the professional over the phone to really get a feeling for what they have to offer for your event.  Give Brian a call, he’s really easy to work with and a nice guy.  (858) 357-6940



Looking For Something Sweet?

We love making pizza but, when it comes to desserts, we defer to our friend Natalie.  You can talk to Natalie and her team from The Sweet Bee about all of your artisanal dessert desires.

The Sweet Bee event trailer is from the 1950’s, just like the vintage pickup bed that Pacific Pizza’s trailer is built on.  It’ great to have a re purposed vintage vehicle that has found new life in catering.  We’ve had the chance to try some of Natalie’s delicious treats which are all hand baked right here in San Diego.

Here is a list of some of the desserts which The Sweet Bee serves up, they also have vegan and gluten free options.

You can find The Sweet Bee at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market each Sunday from 9am-1pm and the Little Italy Market Wednesday 9am-1pm.  Here is a short video showing some of the tasty treats you can find at the market.

Natalie’s kids help out with the events and learn a little about business and baking from their mom.

If you are interested in dessert catering, you can contact Natalie directly:


Charcuterie Board Appetizers

This past weekend we had a fantastic event at a client’s home, they even had their own beautiful pizza oven.  We were asked to make appetizers for the party and suggested a Charcuterie Board.  The selection of meats, cheeses, olives and olives were fantastic.

We host many types of parties and every guest wants something unique to create a wonderful atmosphere for their guests.  We can make a variety of salads, appetizers and delicious charcuterie boards.  Here are a few examples:


Let us know what you’d like for your party and we’ll make it happen.

Pacific Pizza


Getting Married?

Over the last few years, we’ve had the honor of serving pizza at weddings all around San Diego.  We’ve served at rehearsal dinners and the day of the wedding and had a lot of fun with the wedding parties.

We’ve worked with Megan Macoubray at several weddings and she has been fantastic.  Megan has worked for Sacred Mountain in the Mountain town of Julian.  Megan founded Megan Joy Events, she specializes in helping couples create there unique wedding experience.

We recently spoke with Megan and asked her more about her wedding planning philosophy.

“I’ve always believed Happiness is a momentary feeling while Joy is a conscious act to absorb & release positivity, gratefulness & appreciation for even the littlest nuggets of good in this world.  Joy is infectious & makes people feel like they can be themselves & loved & accepted no matter what.  Joy is being surrounded by all of your family, closest friends, & loved ones who come together to celebrate your union to the person who fills your heart with love.  I never fully understood Joy, my middle name, until I left the rain and moved to the sun where my extended family lives and where my fiance was waiting for me!  Megan Joy Events offers you a Joyful experience when planning your wedding!”

If you are interested in having a fantastic event coordinator who will help you through each step of your planning, contact Megan:

Phone: 619-346-8811

Pizza….Family Style

It’s been an amazing four years of pizza parties with Pacific Pizza.  I’ve had a chance to meet so many new friends and see thousands of smiling faces  indulge in our fresh Wood-Fired Pizza.  I’ve also had a chance to spend time making pizza with my mother and father.

Recently, my mother helped out with a pizza party and as a reward, she was able to have some of her favorite pesto veggie pizza.

Sean and Lola at a pizza event in San Diego


I’ve also had the chance to make pizza with my father for the past few years at the Great Western Bicycle Rally.

My dad enjoying a well deserved slice of pizza


Who knows what future pizza events we will be doing but, we are sure to have fun and meet many new people along the way.


Sean Durkin

Founder, Pacific Pizza