Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwiches at Your Party!

We love making pizza at Pacific Pizza but, we don’t make desserts. What if you could get delicious fresh Baked Bear Ice Cream Sandwiches fresh at your party? Well now you can, we have partnered up with Baked Bear and you can get the best desserts in San Diego served fresh at your event.

Kunwardip and his team will arrive with fresh cookies, ice cream and all the toppings that you love at your local Baked Bear store. Just contact the team at the Carmel Mt. Road location to set up your party today.

858-451-2253 or\

Freshly Roasted Garlic

We have been roasting fresh garlic in the pizza oven before all of our events. We regularly have people coming to our oven and asking “what is that smell? It smells SO good!”

We’ve been busy this summer with weddings, birthday parties, graduations and more! What events do you have coming up in the next few months? Give us a call and we will help make your party memorable and fun!


Planning a Summer Party?

If you are planning summer party, you need party supplies! We’ve recently purchased supplies from La Tapatia in Imperial Beach. La Tapatia has balloons, Piñatas, Chairs, linens, jumpers, tables and more!

Marcella is the owner and she is full of energy and ideas! We picked up a Piñata for a friend’s birthday and she helped us pick out candy and stuff it.

You can Call Marcella at (619) 429-4017 or email:

1295 Imperial Beach Blvd. Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Want to Learn to Use Your Pizza Oven Like a Pro?

Do you have a wood-fired pizza oven but, you just haven’t been able to get the pizzas how you want them? Pacific Pizza can help! We’ve helped many clients learn how to fully utilize their pizza ovens to make amazing pizzas. We teach Neapolitan style pizza, New York style pizza and more!

What would you like to learn? From making the dough, tossing it and how to cook it just like you like it. We’ll even give you suggestions on what tools to get to cook like a pro!

Just give us a call (619) 365-5449 and we’ll help you make pizza like a pro!

Drive-By Pizza Party

Are you trying to figure out how to have a pizza party to celebrate a birthday? One of our customers recently had a fun drive-by pizza party. Everyone came by in their cars and wished the birthday girl a happy birthday, dropped off presents and picked up pizza!

We will cook fresh and delicious wood-fired pizza at your location and box it up for your friends who come to the drive-by party. Contact Pacific Pizza today!


Featured San Diego Event Space

Are you looking for a unique venue for your wedding, corporate meeting or family celebration? Moniker Events has several venues both indoor and outdoor spaces to meet your specific needs. We’ve catered events at the historic Building 177 in Liberty Station, Moniker Warehouse in East Village and at several of their outdoor spaces.

The Moniker staff members are easy to work with and can help with suggestions on how to plan your perfect event. Just contact Leslyn Bantley by email and she will get back with you promptly to speak with you about how to make your event memorable and fun.

Valentine’s Day Pizza Style

One of the best thing about wood-fired pizza is the interaction we have with our customers. The Washington Post just ran an article about a young couple who met at a farmer’s market in Washington, DC. Andrew was making pizza and Daniela was an eager customer who was interested in culinary arts.

We’ve been to Andrew and Daniela’s Timber Pizza while in DC and they make a tasty fresh pizza. Some say they even rival the well know Two Amys Pizza in NW.

Check out the rest of the story in the Washington Post article.

Wedding Restrooms: Stay Classy San Diego

You’ve been planning your wedding for almost a year, it’s the big night and the pizza catering is fantastic, guests are enjoying drinks, dancing but…..the bathroom line is 20 people deep!!

Don’t let this happen at your wedding! Major Event Trailers has you covered with classy restrooms that will impress even your most critical guests.

We were recently at a fantastic event anniversary celebration and spoke with the owners of Major Event Trailers. We were impressed by how nice the restroom facilities were and so were the rest of the guests. At many events, there are usually port-o-potties which are sure to soil your event’s memory for your guests.

How do you find out more about these classy restrooms? Just contact Major Event Trailers for more information. Call (800) 946-9610 or send a message to

Remember, STAY CLASSY at your wedding, corporate event or charity event.

Add a Buzz to Your Party!

If you are looking for a great way to get your party guests on the dance floor, why not give them a boost of delicious caffeine with a mobile coffee bar? Coffee Castle brings fresh coffee and desserts to your gathering.

Coffee Castle makes Turkish coffee and espresso as well. The Coffee Castle setup is really unique and classy, perfect for weddings, birthday parties and more. We were catering an 80’s themed birthday party and Coffee Castle was there getting everyone on the dance floor for Beta Maxx.

You can book Coffee Castle today 619-402-5171 or

Just Add Live Music

If you want to have a great party, you need live music! We’ve had the chance to cater some parties in San Diego and to hear Chris DeVito play at a several locations. Chris plays a variety of songs and has a beautiful voice.

Chris regularly plays acoustic guitar and sings at the outdoor patio at the Wine Pub in Point Loma. If you have not been, The Wine Pub is a great space with indoor seating and a dog-friendly outdoor patio with heaters.

Chris also plays with the Blonde Brothers if you want to kick things up a bit and have a bigger band at your event. The Blonde Brothers are influenced by Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and The Allman Brothers.

When you want some great music at your event call Chris DeVito at 619-884-4871