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South African Pizza

It’ been a year since I visited Cape Town, South Africa.  The trip was amazing and I was surprised to see that South Africans love their wood-fired pizza.  The pizza is pronounced PiTza and has a thin crust and a mound of toppings.

I was able to persuade my guide to show me a local spice shop and pick up some tasty spices to make the Cape Town Pizza.  Here are some great pictures of my trip:Wine and Pizza

We ate delicious pizza while sitting under big trees and  while enjoying wine from the Spice Route Winery


I found Bardelli’s while wandering through the streets of Cape Town, they had a nice outdoor patio and I learned that South Africans love garlic on their pizzas.

Local Pizza

Our guide took us to a local pizza shop, which was cheap and they loaded on the toppings.  This was more like the “fill you up” pizza but it was fun to try.

Spice City

Our local guide loved pizza and was happy to help craft what would become the Cape Town pizza.  I was able to find some delicious spices and bring them back to San Diego.