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What Do Bicycles and Pizza have in Common?

We’ve found that people who like riding pizza, love to eat pizza.  Our first event back in the spring of 2014 was a stop on Ride the Rockies, a week long ride all over Colorado.  We really didn’t know what to expect, and at first nobody was coming over to buy our pizza. Once our first pizza was ordered, word of mouth spread and soon, we had a big line with hungry cyclists eager to fill up on our fresh pizza.  Since it was our first event, we didn’t really have our ordering system down so, things were a bit chaotic for a while until we figured out our plate and line system.

We ended up selling out of pizza that first day after cooking more than 200 pizzas in just a few hours, what a way to start out!

Our crew of friends celebrate after a big first day of pizza.
Our first event made the local paper!


Pacific Pizza’s founder, Sean Durkin has always been an avid bike rider and is happy to make pizza for hungry cyclists.  We have served pizza at the Great Western Bicycle Rally for the past three years and also the St. Paddy’s Day Palomar Punishment Ride.  Check out this great article on the best cycling charities.

Serving Pizza with two generations of Durkins at the Great Western Bicycle Rally


We are looking forward to our next bike event on August 27th.  We are partnering up with the San Diego Bicycle Coalition to serve pizza at the 10th annual Bike the Bay Ride.   We will be serving pizza in the VIP area.  Check out the LA Times story on Bike the Bay.

Cyclists get unique yearly chance to ride over the Coronado Bridge!
These guys are coming to Bike the Bay


We are always looking for more ways to bring together cycling and pizza, check out our Facebook page for our upcoming events and news.