Thin Crust or Thick?

The thin vs. THICK crust argument has been going on long enough, let’s settle this right now!

If you are REALLY hungry and you haven’t eaten for days, perhaps a thick crust pizza is what you need.  For most of us, pizza is about enjoying a delicious meal with friends and perhaps trying some new pizza combinations.  If you really want to taste good pizza, you want to go light on the sauce, cheese and toppings, it sounds strange, but pizzas cook best with less.

When cooking with a wood-fired oven, the temperatures can get up to 850F degrees or higher!  If you want that nice crispy crust on the bottom, you”ll need to go thin crust so that your toppings and cheese don’t burn in the process.  It only takes 2 minutes to cook an 11″ pizza in the wood-fired oven, so things happen very quickly.  If you want to have a thicker crust, you’ll need a lower temperature and let’s face it, then we are just talking bread with pizza ingredients.

Have we solved the thick vs. thin pizza argument?  As much as we’d like to say yes, we probably haven’t.  If you are having a party coming up,  consider wood-fired pizza from Pacific Pizza.

Wedding Catering Advice

We think that caterers should help to make your life easier and let you enjoy your party.  Our friends at San Diego Party Ride compiled a list of suggestions for those who want to get the most out of their catering experience.

Check out the wedding catering advice list and see what you can do to make your wedding run smoothly so you can enjoy the party to the fullest just like your guests will.

If you are interested in pizza at your wedding, we cater rehearsal dinners as well as pizza fun after the ceremony.  Give us a call (619-365-5449) or send us a message via email for more information.

Holiday Pizza Catering

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your holiday party this season?  We have catered many fun company lunches and parties.  It’s great to get everyone outside and engaged as they watch pizza getting cooked fresh in front of their faces.

Give us a call and we can help you plan your holiday party!


San Diego Guildfest Nov 3-4

Pacific Pizza came to San Diego in 2014 and the first big event we participated in was Guildfest on the Broadway Pier. It was amazing to serve pizza literally over the water in San Diego Bay.

We had so much fun in 2014, we’ve returned in 2015, 2016 and 2017 will make our fourth year at Guildfest.  Your favorite San Diego Beer will be served at Guildfest and there will hot fresh pizza from Pacific Pizza.

See you at Guildfest!


Wedding Pizza

This year we’ve had the opportunity to cater some fantastic weddings and rehearsal dinners in San Diego.  We recently catered for Brad and Andi after their wedding.  We had an excellent time meeting the guests.  Some of the family members were Italian, so it was up to us to make some delicious thin crust wood-fired pizza.

We are looking forward to more great parties this year and in 2018.  Let us know what you would like and we can make it happen!


Pacific Pizza

Friends at Tribute Pizza North Park Win Best of San Diego

We want to congratulate Tribute Pizza in North Park on winning the best pizza variety in San Diego Magazine.  Last week we stopped by Tribute Pizza to talk with the owner, Matthew Lyons and taste his pizza.  Since opening in 2016, Tribute has expanded it’s menu and added brunch options on the weekends.

We really enjoyed the pizza and what impressed us most was the fresh out of the oven focaccia.  Here is a photo of Irene with our Dirty Dancin’ pizza.

Tribute has a large space, we didn’t have to wait at all, we chose to sit on their outside patio.  As you can see from the photo, we rode bikes, there was bike parking in the rear and we chose to just lean our bikes next to the patio since we didn’t bring locks.

If you want to check out an event on August 18th, you can see Tribute serving pizzas out of a wood-fired mobile oven at the San Diego Magazine Best of Party.  We definitely like what Matthew and his team have done at Tribute, stop by when you get a chance and be sure to try the Focaccia!

What Do Bicycles and Pizza have in Common?

We’ve found that people who like riding pizza, love to eat pizza.  Our first event back in the spring of 2014 was a stop on Ride the Rockies, a week long ride all over Colorado.  We really didn’t know what to expect, and at first nobody was coming over to buy our pizza. Once our first pizza was ordered, word of mouth spread and soon, we had a big line with hungry cyclists eager to fill up on our fresh pizza.  Since it was our first event, we didn’t really have our ordering system down so, things were a bit chaotic for a while until we figured out our plate and line system.

We ended up selling out of pizza that first day after cooking more than 200 pizzas in just a few hours, what a way to start out!

Our crew of friends celebrate after a big first day of pizza.

Our first event made the local paper!


Pacific Pizza’s founder, Sean Durkin has always been an avid bike rider and is happy to make pizza for hungry cyclists.  We have served pizza at the Great Western Bicycle Rally for the past three years and also the St. Paddy’s Day Palomar Punishment Ride.  Check out this great article on the best cycling charities.

Serving Pizza with two generations of Durkins at the Great Western Bicycle Rally


We are looking forward to our next bike event on August 27th.  We are partnering up with the San Diego Bicycle Coalition to serve pizza at the 10th annual Bike the Bay Ride.   We will be serving pizza in the VIP area.  Check out the LA Times story on Bike the Bay.

Cyclists get unique yearly chance to ride over the Coronado Bridge!

These guys are coming to Bike the Bay


We are always looking for more ways to bring together cycling and pizza, check out our Facebook page for our upcoming events and news.

How Long Can a Pizza Be?

Usually we think of pizzas in sizes of inches.  At Pacific Pizza, we make 11″ pizzas at breweries and small events and then 16″ pizzas at our larger events.

Just recently there was a pizza made, not in inches, not in feet, not in yards but in miles….1.2 miles to be exact.  The record for the longest pizza made ever was just set in June 2017, you can check out the full article here:

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Pizza Expo in Vegas

Did you know that the International Pizza Expo is coming to Las Vegas on the last week of March 2017?  For the first time, Pacific Pizza will be coming to the Pizza Expo to get more information on how to make our pizza even better.

Image result for pizza convention las vegas

Related image

The Pizza Expo has been going on for 33 years and features everything you can possibly think about regarding pizza.

International Pizza Expo is one of the most happening food sector trade shows in America. The show is organized at the Las Vegas Convention Center and boasts of participation figures in excess of 11000 at each of its editions. The networking and brand building opportunities available at the show are ample and informative conferences and seminars are also organized here. Different types of pizzas, baking equipments, pizza making supplies, ovens, pizza utensils and other related items are put on exhibit at the show and cooking demonstration sessions are organized during the event as well. Participants are helped to get acquainted with viable business strategies and marketing tactics at the Power Panels that are scheduled at the event, while exciting pizza games and competitions are hosted here too. The show is attended by over 450 exhibiting companies and eminent chefs and pizza experts are invited to the event too. More than 75 educational sessions are also held here.

Stay tuned to see what we come up with for Pacific Pizza for 2017

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